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240-080 Draagbare temperatuurcalibrator

240-080 Draagbare temperatuurcalibrator


  • +20°C...+550°C
  • -0,4°F...+1022°F
  • °C - °F - K
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240-080 Draagbare temperatuurcalibrator

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EJB 240-080 temperature calibrator is a compact instrument used to calibrate transducers and temperature-measuring sensors. The considerable size makes it suitable for test of thermostats with high-lenght bulb.

Control of high-length thermostats. Removable testing insert : diameter 60 x 275 mm (2.3 x 10.8 in.). Insert with customiozable holes.

  • Operating range : Room temp. ...+550°C (1022°F)
  • Stability : ±0,05°C (@ 450°C) ±0.09°F at 842°F
  • Uniformity Radial(@ 400°C) : ±0,1°C at 100 mm (±0.1°F at 100 mm)
  • Unifority Axial : ±0,3°C / ±0.5°F (for 120 mm from the bottom)
  • Maximun heating time : 9°C/min (48 °F/min)
  • Maximum cooling time : 1,6°C/min (35 °F/min)
  • Display resolution : 0,1°C / 0,01°F (all temperatures)
  • Display accuracy : ±0,3°C (±0.5°F)
  • Units of measuremen t: °C - °F - K
  • Serial interface : RS232
  • Well diamete r: 60 mm (2.3 in.)
  • Insert hole depth : 275 mm (10.8 in.)
  • Power supply : 230 VAC - 50/60 Hz
  • Electric powe r: 1700 W
  • Calibrator size : 170 x 450 x 330 mm
  • Calibrator weight : 23 kg

The EJB 240-080 temperature calibrator consists of a metal block measuring diameter 80 x 300 mm heated by a resistance which winds around the outer surface of the block. A hole measuring diameter 60 x 275 mm is made in the block for the appropriate reduction inserts.

The EJB 240-080 is equipped with a counter-current forced air cooling system, which keeps the temperature low in the upper part of the well; this system enables to check even very short probes, without heating the connecting head or the handgrip; it is equipped with a PID microprocessor controller with a resolution up to 0,01 °C, setting of the standard of measurement in °C, °F and K programming of ascent/descent ramps and storage of the thermostats’ operative temperature.

In the EJB 240-081 version the instrument is equipped with an acquisition card having two adjustable inputs able to read: Pt100 3/4 wires & thermocouples: J, E, K, N, R, S with automatic compensation of the cold junction.
The REF input is provided for the reference sample probe, thus obtaining a complete calibration system which can be certified by SIT centres, in compliance with ISO 9000 regulations.

The EXT input is provided for probes that are being tested; hence, the instrument can display the temperatures of the furnaces, the temperature of the sensor to be checked and the temperature of the reference sample probe, at the same time.

Furthermore, EJB 240-080 is equipped with the RS232 serial interface; it can operate in automatic mode connected to the PC by means of the 241-300 software which enables to carry out probe calibrations and cyclical life tests; test results can be stored and printed, so they are easily traceable in compliance with ISO 9000 standards.

Avaiable inserts
243-001 : Insert DN 59,5x275 mm made in plated copper suitable for 4 probes dia. 4/6/9/12 mm
243-002 : Insert DN 59,5x275 mm made in plated copper suitable for 12 probes dia. 3-6,5 mm
243-003 : Insert DN 59,5x275 mm custom with special drilling

Standard delivery
- Power supply cable
- Fuses kit
- Thermostats connection cables
- Instructions manual
- Test report
- Block extractor
- Insert with on-request holes
- RS232 serial interface
- Kit of clamps connection (240-081 version only)

Accessories on request
- Insert with customizable holes
- 241-300 software + serial cable
- Certificate (240-081 version only) executed with the reference probe plugged in the calibrator
- 242-011 Pt100 reference probe
- USB/RS232 converter
- 241-0505 Aluminium case
- 243-004 Trolley