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240-375 Calibrateur à bloc sec portative

240-375 Calibrateur à bloc sec portative


  • +10°C...+375°C
  • 18°F...+707°F
  • °C - °F
  • Aluminium Block sec
  • Certifiée de DNV®

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240-375 Calibrateur à bloc sec portative

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EJB 240-375 DNV® CERTIFIED, covers a range from 10°C above ambient temperature up to 375°C. It has a stability of ±0,15°C and an accuracy of ±0,25°C at 150°C, of ±0,35°C at 375°C. The time taken to reach 375°C is just 20 minutes and it takes 40 minutes to reach 100°C from 375°C. This allows to save time during calibration operations that requires more than one verification point.

The calibrator has a hole with a diameter of 26x150 mm in which the reduction inserts are inserted to adapt the diameter of the probe to be calibrated to the calibrator. There are 3 inserts available with holes ranging from a diameter of 3,2 to 12,7 mm while other holes are provided upon request up to 1 mm in diameter.

The appliance’s innovative ventilation system allows the calibrator to keep the temperature on the top of the calibrator lower compared to competitors’ ones. The air flow on the upper part is diverted to the rear of the appliance by a tangential flow that touches the calibration well. As a result, the heads of the thermocouples, which contain the connection terminals of the compensated cables, remain at a considerably lower temperature reducing very much the compensation errors produced by the heads heating.

  • Operating range (t amb. 20°C / 68°F) : amb.+10°C...+375°C (Amb. +18°F...+707°F)
  • Display accuracy (±1 digit) : ±0,25°C at 150°C (±0.45°F at 302°F)
  •                                         ±0,35°C at 375°C (±0.6°F at 707°F)
  • Stability : ±0,15°C - (±0.27°F)
  • Display Resolution : 0,1°C – (0.1°F)
  • Units of measure : °C / °F
  • Hole depth : 150 mm (5.9 in.)
  • Hole diameter : 26 mm (1 in.)
  • Over temperature cut out : Yes
  • Switch test : 5 VAC DC
  • PC Interface : RS 232
  • Display : LED double line
  • IN / OUT : RS232
  • Temperature ramps : Yes
  • Calibration : from 1 to 10 calibration points
  • Calibrator size : 130 x 260 x 280 mm (5.1 x 10 x 11 in.)
  • Calibrator weight : 5,4 kg (11 lb)
  • Power supply : automatic switchable voltage supply 115/230 VAC ±10% - 50/60 Hz
  • Electric power : 600 W

- Mean heating time (stabilization included) from 30°C / 86°F to 375°C / 707°F : 20 min
- Mean cooling time (stabilization included) from 375°C / 707°F to 100°C / 212°F : 40 min
- Axial uniformity (1) : ±0,10°C at 50°C (±0.1°F at 122°F)
                               ±0,20°C at 150°C (±0.3°F at 302°F)
                               ±0,30°C at 375°C (±32.5°F at 707°F)
- Radial uniformity (at 40 mm) (1) : ±0,10°C at 50°C (±0.1°F at 122°F)
                               ±0,15°C at 150°C (±0.27°F at 302°F)
                               ±0,20°C at 375°C (±0.3°F at 707°F)
- Axial uniformity (2) : ±0,02°C at 50°C (±0.03°F at 122 F)
                               ±0,05°C at 150°C (±32.09°F at 302°F)
                               ±0,15°C at 375°C (±0.27°F at 707°F)
- Radial uniformity (at 40 mm) (2) : ±0,05°C at 50°C (±0.09°F at 122°F)
                               ±0,10°C at 150°C (±0.1°F at 302°F)
                               ±0,15°C at 375°C (±0.27°F at 707°F)
- Diameter of the sensor used : Pt100 probe Ø 6 mm / Pt100 probe Ø 3 mm

These innovative calibrators have been designed for on-site applications and for the severe conditions of the naval and marine sectors.
Their ease of use, compact and practical design, make them unbeatable in industrial processes where the verification of the temperature measurement systems is a key issue for the control of the process and the quality of the final product.

Special attention was paid to reduce weight, size and to reinforce robustness by using an aluminium body and aluminium and stainless steel for many internal parts.
Each calibrator is tested in our laboratory and calibrated with our measurement samples in accordance with the international standard. At this stage all the functions are checked against reference parameters and a calibration report is issued.
The thermal part of these calibrators is made of a metal block heated with resistors or with Peltier thermoelectric modules.

In the metal block there are one or more holes in which the interchangeable inserts are placed.
The standard inserts available make the calibrators versatile in order to adapt them to the calibration of the temperature sensors with the most common diameters in use. It is also possible to create inserts with special holes upon request.

The equipment provided as standard on each oven includes the power supply cable, the tweezers to extract the inserts, the connection cables of the thermostats, a fuse kit, one or more of the inserts most commonly used, the instructions manual and the calibration report.

Standard delivery
– Electric power cable
– Tweezers for insert removing
– Kit of fuses
– Thermostat connection cables
– Instruction manual
– Test report
– 246-001 : 4 holes dia 1/8”/3,2mm – 3/16”/4,8 mm -1/4”/604 mm -7/16”/11,1 mm

Accessories on request
- 246-000 : Blank insert
- 246-001 : 4 holes dia 1/8”/3,2mm – 3/16”/4,8 mm -1/4”/604 mm -7/16”/11,1 mm
- 246-002 : 2 holes dia 1/4”6,4 mm – 1/2”/12,7 mm
- 246-003 : 5 holes dia 3 to 11 mm
- 246-004 : 2 holes dia 3 to 11 mm
- 246-005 : 3 holes dia 3 to 11 mm
- 245-100 : Marine suitcase from hard plastic
- 245-200 : Carrying case with pocket for inserts
- 241-500 : Original traceable calibration certificate (5 values)
- 990-202 : Annual calibration certificate (5 values)